Negativity of our Mind

Sometimes a question arises in our mind but we do not get its answer immediately from Lord Baba. Eventually we are answered by Lord Baba Himself. So can we conclude that it is only Lord Baba Who arises question in our mind and control our thoughts? If it is so then why our mind is full of negativity, sorrows, worries, misunderstandings, discontentment, etc


  1. Baba is our everything and so with whom can we share our happiness,anger,frustration etc.Aren’t we all are a part of his holy feet?so why can’t we share some of our anger and frustration with our Sai maa?Whom can we remember in times of sorrow other than Sai maa?om Sai Ram

  2. Om Sairam!!! I've a staunch belief in Sai. He conquered me completely. Not a single day has passed without chanting Sai Sai Sai.He has given me more than i expected. When my friends cursed me for being studious in my college i cried to him a lot, then to a surprise i was one among the 2 to be selected in a top private bank interview. The people who teased me were astonished and to the another surprise he made me two times gold medallist. I thanked Sai for giving me than i expected.But when i was about to join the bank my mom fell into sick and she had to undergo a surgery immediately. So i was asking for date of extension for joining or relocation of my job referring my mom's condition. But they didnt consider so i decided to leave the job and look after my mom.I prepared for bank exams and felt that Sai needs me to be in this path. For the past 1 year i'm trying hard but being failed at the last moment.I know Sai is watching me, he is taking care of me. Whenever i go outside and if i think Sai i need to see you now,i see him somewhere else. Not only one time he will be visible to me till i reach my home. I don't know why he's testing me for such a long time. Hope Sai will take care. He's my only hope. Felt i would share in this blog so that My Sai would answer me through someone. Om Sairam!!!

  3. Don't be upset over what you have lost. It has not gone anywhere. You will get it back: Sai baba

  4. something good is coming your way! Shraddha & Saburi!! Om Sai Ram!!


    Om Sai Ram!!

    Like the Messiah feeding the multitude with Five Loaves of Bread and two Fish…. Here I am, myself a puny mortal with just a burning Spirit to Live and Let Live…BUT everything’s going to tumble down real quick
    After 17 long years since I lost my Home, I and my Family - the three of us were literally out on the streets being tossed around by the winds of Fate or Karma and just a Year back the picture changed to some extent. We could afford to sleep on a Bed and Mattress which we could call our own and travelled by a 2007 model Tata Indica besides living in a rented One room Flat. Four months back we could shift into another rented Two Bedroom House and besides the old Vehicle could drive a used Honda City which was all the Luxury I could provide to my Dependents. My Son was just starting to get back to pursue his long-lost studies after losing his School years since 2009 from Class Six. And suddenly the tables turned….
    It all began around last year when I put out the word to a close Friend that I am resuming Options Trading with National Stock Exchange. What started as a trickle with just 100,000 INR swirled to a whopping 95,000,000 INR Since I was very punctual on my Daily Pay-out of around 425,000 INR)continuing till today, ie an exorbitant interest of 300 INR(4.06 USD) per 100,000 INR (1352 USD) This Money was Deposited into my Bank by around 69 Families who had mortgaged even their Residential Properties to earn something during these hard Covid times that too with the promise of their Capital back. Initially I was pulling around without much difficulty but two things happened. One: This Deadly Corona Virus Struck and Two: a mix-up of Drugs - My epileptic Wife was prescribed 100mg Phenobarbitone and lately at this ripe age of 57 we were both diagnosed with hypo thyroids’ and taking Thyroxin 100 for the Malady. Somehow during travel a queer mix-up happened and I ended up with consuming one 100mg Phenobarbitals while my Wife was at twice her usual dosage. This error was discovered only after three months when we examined the misplaced bottles - but by that time the damages were already pronounced - I had serious problems with judgement and losing heavily on the Markets. Now these afflictions were addressed to, but alas my Portfolio has shrunk to the extent that I have only enough Cash for approximately tendays Pay-out. After that 3 days I cannot imagine - the spate of Families committing Suicide since all these 69 among my Depositors are weak and timid Persons and I was their sole Motivator and Godlike - they will be unable to put up with these Losses and the realisation of my so called treachery may surely drive them to extreme and dire measures - I have no sleep for the past few days and Praying for all of our deliverance from ultimate Tragedy, besides loss of innocent Lives….
    In these dire Circumstances with innumerable Lives at stake I have only recourse to appeal to your Kindness and generosity in sending in this prayer request, culminating in eventual success which will help me tide over this ugly situation and repay these poor and trusting People who had pledged everything valuable in their Life to help me and also themselves. I can provide all relevant Papers besides my Passport and other Government of India ID cards besides latest Bank Statement to prove my genuine and Urgent Need since Life of just not one but TOO many are at stake here.


  7. Hello, I am also looking for job from last 1 year. I moved to onsite without job and searching for job but still did not get job. I have been rejected from very good big companies. Sai you know my situation, please help me , solve my all problem and remove worries.I need you help sai baba, please please come and help .I am having hope from you only.I am living life with your helop day you will make everything good please sai now its almost 1 year to struggling for good time, help me. Om Sai ram...Om Sai Ram...Om Sai Ram.


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