Mistakes In Devotion

As devotees we all do some kind of Seva, Pooja, Archana to our Lord Sai Baba. But sometimes unknowingly and sometimes unknowingly we commit some mistakes, so will these mistakes be considered as bad karma and we would be punished? Will this attract wrath or ill fate from the Lord.

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  1. Sometimes I feel like i'm punished for my mistakes instantly. For eg: Once i was trying to tell my mom something and she couldn't hear properly. I made fun of her. She as usual didn't say much. Just said "Look how God made me look like" with a smile.
    The Same a'noon one person came and inquired about someone named "Moorthy". ?I was so sure that there was no name Moorthy in our area. So i said there is no one named Moorthy here and he went. As soon as i came inside my sister kinda laughing and said "Hey! Stupid. He was asking for 'Ragupathy' not Moorthy." And my father who was inside our bedroom also came and said even i could hear him properly, what were you thinking??? I was a bit embarrassed and also shocked. See what we sow we reap. I didn't mean to hurt my mom. My intention was not bad. But he made me realize how it would hurt if others laugh at you be it father, mother, sister etc.,
    So my opinion would be we will be punished as per our intentions. The one who can judge us is Sai Ma and He is Mercy Incarnate. So i really do believe our punishments will always be tolerable. He is there to hold us and heal us.

    Om Sai! Sri Sai!! Jai Jai Sai!!!

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