Good Intentions Bad Impact

Sometimes we act with good intention, but the opposite party takes it as action done with bad intention.
So Will That Action Be Added To Our Good Karma and The Bad Karma Of Opposite Party Because Of His Misunderstanding Or Will Action Of Our's Be Credited To Our Bad Karma
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  1. Om siaram please always protect us

  2. I have experienced in the past such an incident. But never thot from a karma perspective. Guess anything done from a good intention should not be bad karma. Depends on how it is handled which might make it bad or good. Sai says give me your good and bad karma both then u will not be the doer. Need to practice this probably..

  3. It's the bad karma for the other party cause he they took it wrong you're trying to do the right so good karma for us

  4. Good or bad karma... it is not in our hands to decide. I had once read that wat is good for one person is poison for another. So we can never truly say that what we did was good or bad karma. What we should do is follow the path of love and truth. Be caring to one and all and leave the decision of karma to Baba. Om Sai Ram


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