Faith or Miracle

While Shirdi Sai Baba popularly known as ‘Miracle God’, what makes us believe in Him deeply? Its because His Miracles we have Faith in Him? Or its Faith that makes us witness of His Miracles?


  1. 100% agreed to this...May Baba bless all..

  2. Om Sai Ram... I believe that mostly when Baba wants to pull his devotees towards his path, he does it through his miracles. Thereby his devotees start feeling and believing his presence around them and slowly develop faith in him. Once faith is developed they start following him, miracles keep continuing and that is how we are witnessing a tremendous growth in the number of Baba's staunch followers. Thank you Baba for your endless efforts in blessing us with your teachings and miracles.

  3. Dear Devotees


    It’s Very Mysterious Question-I have been pondering over this since SAI Has taken our whole family in His fold, but conclusion is that we are ultimately SAI’s sparrows. They say SAI is incarnation of Kabirji & Shiva. We must have been SAI’s Disciples in past incarnations that’s WHY SAI is not leaving us until we are self-realised. I can relate few points here.

    1. We have always been very spiritual since childhood, born in Punjab, a sikh family. I moved to Australia in 2005, SAI took me in HIS fold in 2010 through help of an old Australian couple, it’s another story how I met this so spiritual couple. I did not know much about SAI before that. SAI has given a new meaning to my spiritual life. To be true I never needed any miracles in my materlistic world- as being close to GOD, HE had always been fulfilled all our needs-miracles have always been part of life. But SAI occurred to me, IT was like coming to HOME. ( I already had faith in GOD, There was nothing new in my attitude, But GOD started to seem so very close, like I was living with SAI)

    2. Never felt at more peace in any other spiritual place like Shirdi. Shirdi trip experience was published on 13th December, 2013.

    3. SAI phenomena happened to all our family. My sister lives in European country, she also had firm faith in GOD, it’s like she always Lived with Guru Nanakji, she use to talk to Guru Nanak, Play, eat, drive- everything. Miracles were at every step. She used to have very strong intuition power since long. But she had one problem- her married life has never been blissful. Her life was like God is running ahead of her for doing all her little chores, but No response to her plea for improvement in her married life. I introduced her to SAI. Few days went by, as she was reading on SAI & one day she asked me over the phone, WHY SAI? WHY NOT GURU NANAK only? GOD IS ONE, but WHY I am getting attracted to SAI? I am 5 year younger than her, I did not think much, words came out of my mouth-You must have connection with SAI from past birth, He must have been your guru- so now you are SAI’s responsibility till the time you are realised.
    Next day she calls me again to tell that she had a dream at night. In her dream she was in Canada but probably 200 years ago, She was walking on street, she saw a life size picture of SAI outside a shop, she thought it’s not for real, how SAI can be there, she ignored it, kept walking, but then again she came across 2 people who were carting big picture of Baba. Now her dream convinced her that she had some old connection with SAI. Now she along with her kids are crazy for SAI along with doing her doing Gurbani from Sikhism.

    4. Our mother sow the seed of spirituality in us-she is very spiritual, a real Karam Yogini, having very strong intuition power. But since SAI has taken our whole family in fold- it has become very easy for my mum to go in Samadhi, to see SAI baba, to be with Guru Nanak. She always she that it’s all due to SAI kirpa. She always chants SAI GURU NANAK, SAI GURU NANAK

  4. Continued:

    We are SAI’s own disciples, SAI will keep us with Him ever & ever till we merge with HIM. SAI had made our faith strong in ONENESS of GOD.

    If we talk about faith, it’s not in Human capacity to have faith. Faith also happens with SAI grace, as there is NO FREE WILL. Only those will have Faith, who HE wants to have.

    Miracles are just BY-Product of being with SAI or ANY other form of GOD. If we are attached to GOD just due to Miracles, then such attachment will vanish if miracles stop to happen.

    Some people so not even wish for miracles, they just feel closeness to SAI, they feel love of SAI ever-present, they are ONE with SAI, there is NO question of FAITH as they surpassed all hurdles to be with SAI- Such people are experiencing SAT- CHIT-ANAND, Truth –Consciousness-Bliss.

    All in ALL - Miracles matters to people who are still attached to world, they want fulfilment of desires as a token to have FAITH.

    Once people come out of worldly attachments, they do not wait for Miracles at all. They have strong faith in SAI.

    Once people are one with SAI, there is no question of Faith, FAITH also disappears, as they realize that SAI & them are ONE. There is no Duality. ALL IS ONE, ONE IS ALL.

    Love to ALL, SHANTI TO ALL

  5. My Dear Sai baba followers,
    Sai Baba is a part of the cosmic force pervading our lives. He chooses when and whom His devotees can follow - and guides our progress by guiding to a local spiritual guardian. This, Baba showed me many a time - by pointing out to saints who lived locally where I live (Tamil Nadu). Seshadri Swamigal of Tiruvannamalai (Arunachala) was pointed out to us by Sai this auspicious month of Karthigai Deepam (Festival of Lights) (Lighting lamps are Sai's favorite). The characteristics of Seshadri Swamigal and Sri Sai are very similar for those interested in knowing can find on the net. He led me to the above swamigal website and guess what - at the bottom of the site was a Shirdi Sai Baba picture with many saints and a saying as if from Baba - "We are all not at all different from one another". It is as if SaiBaba is saying this to me directly. Reminded me of Sai saying to a devotee "Akkalkot Maharaj is from now on residing here in Shirdi". He led self to Pune this year (to visit sister - a great Sai Devotee herself) showing me that Akkalkot Maharaj and Himself are one and the same and currently making self compare the biography of Sri Swami Samarth to see the oneness between them.

    Another instance of Baba's grace coming to home as Lord Dattatreya photo on Mahasamadhi Day from a person recently from Shirdi. A special mention of Lord Dattatreya needs mention here as a message from Sai. Sai as Lord Dattatreya avatar wishes to convey to all that we have become entrenched and trapped in materialism, rituals, astrological solutions, superficial display of wealth, devotion which (beyond helping business transaction) may not help towards solving problems and moving towards God realization which was the reason why we are worshipping God in the first place. We have created in the name of variety, flavors - newer and newer varieties leading to confusing chaos in reality. Lord Datta as the universal supreme being shows us that all is one in reality and to experience the oneness again before the demons in form of variety consumes that oneness feeling in us all.The association of Sai as Lord Datta - perhaps He wants us to remember this special time of the year. Thanks for Smt. Hetal Rawat for the chance to present Sai's message to followers around the world.

  6. Think its both of the above mutually-reinforcing each other. Faith in Sai makes us stick to even a straw with Sai's name on it to pull us up from trouble and literally makes us search for His miracles in even each and every commonplace incidents of life. Miracles (such as brought out by devotees all over) reinforces pre-existing faith in all and to appreciate Baba's all-powerful, all-pervasive and kind nature even more and more.

  7. Sai Baba preached eternal values that will remain fresh for a long time to come. Everyone can relate to Him even in this modernized world today. In one life, He lived the entire span of history covering all ages before and almost all Gods worshipped by people of most religions by recreating flashes of these Gods as and when devotees desired from Him. His utter simplicity relates to the condition of the suffering sections everywhere. Just these noble characteristics alone make Him loved by all. Added to the above His supernatural powers show us God's infinite powers brought within into our limited understanding by Him.

    Miracle is a word i feel that doesnt have the depth of SAI BABA's blessings.
    Blessing is a more appropriate word.Once we have is blessing in any form we gather that FAITH.
    We call SAI MAA a 'Miracle God" but how well is it just to call him by that name.
    He is Lord Parbrahma,he who is beyond love ,care, imagination, fact ,thoughts, power, magic......the one if we start to write about him we fall short of words,we are spell bound.
    i have seen him in my heart, i have felt her around me, i have his blessings all day long.when iam awake, when iam asleep, we are constantly in touch with each other.not even for a second my mind is away from his thought.
    People who know him is because of his blessing,people who believe in him is because of his blessing,people who have faith in him is because of his blessing and people who live in him is because of his blessing.
    so once we are blessed by the SUPREME LORD , life starts looking miraculous, more beautiful more lively.
    i wished i could put my thoughts in words what he has done for me.
    just imagine a TSUNAMI of thoughts just harassing you all the time and then one word "SAI" settlees it all, as if thats all i have ever iam calm, iam more compssionate.i can feel him inside me all the time.
    Me knowing him was itself a blessing by him. i never knew him, i dont even remember of ever seeing his temple anywhere until 2008.i was 21 then.i dont even remember any of his believer or devotee ever coming in my fine day i just came across a word "SHIRDI".it was just a word until i dint know it.Then it constantly came into my mind and from inside i had the urge to visit this place.i used to tell my mom lets go to SHIRDI ,and SHIRDI was the first SAI BABA TEMPLE i had ever visited.since then he called me every year to took me good SIX years to then completely know him and iam still every second getting to know more and more.
    And his blessing has turned in an unshakable FAITH. i have waited and waited for good times to come in my life.And though i suffered outwardly today i relaize that my good time had started long back when he blessed my and showed me a path that lead to our mother SAI MAA.

    SO it is his blessing that brings FAITH,LOVE,PURITY IN THOUGHTS AND SO ON AND ON..........

    om sai ram

    1. om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram

    2. Om sai ram, blessed are we that he has bestowed his grace on us, he has kept his hand on our hands and changed our lives.

  9. simplicity and compassion attracted many people to him, and there were several pilgrims who arrived in Shirdi to seek the blessings of this holy saint.

  10. Baba watches all of us always and he draws his devotees to him when he feels its the right time . This is done by doing miracles. Once we have reached him, we have some faith, we have to live this life as per his teachings. thats the first respect we give him. and then after that we might get problems in life which is very common, but he will not leave us . may be it will solve soon or take some time , but he wants his devotees to enjoy the fruit just like a farmer, after undergoing many diffiulties and learning lessons of our mistakes. Through that path we wil get moulded, which will be useful to us in some point of our life.. so to handle the situations, sai gives us time to learn the lessons of life in a bitter way . during this path we should have complete faith in him . will a mother leave her child in the middle of the sea. NEVER. just like SAI also will not do anything alarming to his children like us, Om Sai Ram. Make life easier by following his teachings, then everything will happen automatically.

    1. Very well said. Baba will never leave us. He knows what we want much better than we ourselves. Sai Ram.

  11. Om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram,omsai ram,omsai ram,omsai ram, om sai ram,

    Om sai ram to all sai devotees,today will share few of my experiences,I have started reading this blog since three days and im very much attaracted and would like to share my experiences.
    when i was very young ,i had a dream of sai baba,i was in a river,in between the river there was a way to walk, the way was not broad enough, and there were many crocodiles out there on the both sides of the way,was worried looking at them but dint stop walking in that way,finally i reached my destination and i saw baba sitting on a rock ,he wore saffrn coloured clothes,That time the dream dint mean anything to me as i was a litle girl,now iam 27 and i still cannot forget that dream, after few years i have completely forgotten about that dream,things were changing drastically,our father left us.we became alone,relatives dint take care of us. i was studying degree sec gods grace i was able to complete degree with sec class.and started searching for a job,i got a job as a school teacher and monthly salary was only 1500. i was the elder one and had to take care of my family with that salary.that time my mother went to an astrologer,who is a devotee to sai baba.he gave my mother sai satcharithra book,she brought it home,I got attaracted to the stories and i was able to complete the parayan in one single day,i dint do puja,i dint follow any rituals,read that just like any other story my surprise,that day night i saw sai baba in my dream, in that dream my mom and i went to shirdi,sai baba was giving us teertham and bleesing us by putting chatagopam on our heads,all of a sudden he poked my eye with his day morning i woke up and saw my face in mirror,it was a miracle my eye had become red, that was not a dream,sai baba showed his love on me,in that same year ,i got selected in an MNC company ,they offered 10000 while giving offer letter,but by the time i joined it was 13800 rs,We went to shirdi,that way baba pulled us to him.That was the very first time we visited shirdi,from then i have become his devotee.Om sai ram om sai ram.sab ka malik ek hai.these days iam lacking mental peace,plz baba show me your love,bless me, iam not able to concentrate in your prayers,please give me patience.i have started sai nav vrata,but unable to concentrate while offering puja,My mind is getting distaracted on the fights im having in my realation ship.plz pray for me.plz give me patience,iam really in a very poor condition. Om sai ram.

  12. OM SAI RAM,
    Faith and miracle are interrelated , because one's faith may be break if he/she expect miracle and baba has planned something else and someone can start faith because he/she gets things miraclely
    Being a wordly person, we expect much more about wordly things only.

  13. I had wonderful miracle when baba show me good path .when we completely surrender to him he will teach good things to us and show right path.Om sai ram sri guru datta jai guru datta.

    I had wonderful experience when i was preganant i was getting severe pains there were trying from 2 hours atlast chance i said om sairam and jai guru datta blessed with baby immediately.
    What can i say more than this noo words to baba .
    Om sai ram jai guru datta.
    Digambara digambara sri pada vallabha digambara.

  14. sai baba ayya

  15. sai baba is everything to me. I havenot known him for a long time and now for the past 4 months only I am praying Saibaba. I have asked to fulfill my wish which is not happening yet. Baba please help me in believing you so that I am closer to you. Please donot ignore me. I luv you but losing my faith on you. Help me.

  16. Baba, I have experienced several miracles from you in the past, but when I am in real distress at this time, I am not able to experience your kind blessings. Baba, I am living in hope that some day soon, you will bless me again, and give me the strength to live again. Baba, I love you so much and I know you are listening to me and will come back to my life soon.

  17. only one word Believe him like your Father Mother and Siblings he will be next to us everyminute and we feel Miracles turning bad to good and good to best. Sairam

  18. Sai ram to all...i have strongly and deeply believe in sai baba...i think har ek insaan ki life mein ups downs aate hai...beggar se lekar king tk...and jitta insaan chota hoga patience level uss insaan mein jyada hota hai aur jitna bda insaan hoga usmein patience level utna he kum hota hai baaki mix reactions toh har jagah applicable hai...i think jo bhawan mein deeply trust krte hai wo yeh better samaj payenge aur jo nahi krte hai wo kya pta karna start kar de...jb hmare sath kuch bura hota hai toh hm weak pad jaate hai , confidence low ho jata hai etc.. pr agar hm baba g ko ya kisi b bhagwan ko dil se mante h toh bad time hmara kaise nikal jata hai wo pta ni chlta hai bcz wo hme problem k sath fight karne ki power dete h jis se ki hme humesha lgta h ki bhawan hmare sath hai....mera yeh man na hai ki bs ache kaam kro, bdo ko respect do, aur galti se b kisi ko kbi hurt mt kro.. agar kisi ne tumhe hurt kiya toh badle ki bhawna ni rkhi chiye...i think jo b hmari life mein plbms khatam toh ni hogi bt easy jarur ho patience rkhni chiye aur bhagwan pr trust ..sai ram to alll. god bless........

  19. Om sai ram.. miracles always happen to baba devotees . If we believe baba we can perceive his merciful Leela's else though we got miracles we can't understand his blessings. For me baba is all. I could not live without baba. Baba is my amma.we, parents to deal with our children, we get frustration for their tantrums but our Sai amma never neglect us. He cares us like children though we do mistakes knowingly or unknowingly.He observes and guides you . I can't express my love towards sai ammaa. I love you Sai amma.

  20. Baba please get me the job I am waiting.. almost I lost the interview.. not performed well as my mother undergone open heart surgery and I didn't prepare and I didn't perform well.. my supervisorr is an baba devotee.. she is trying a lot to get this job for me.. please help her to get this job.. my last hope is you amd supervisor.. please do some miracles to her and help her to get this job for me baba.. you know my situation I am almost lost my hope and came to you.. please help me.

  21. Baba thank you for your kind blessings.As you are aware I was having a health issue and after chanting om sri sai Arogya ksemadayanamaha and taking Udi the problem was solved.
    Deva please help me to get me a proper job . I have been waiting nearly for 1.5 years.
    Om sai Ram


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