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Shirdi Sai Baba devotees are increasing in continued flow since He was in His mortal body. Devotees at that time were very fortunate to receive all kinds of guidance directly from Him. In turn, the devetees
benefited socially, economically & spiritually. Most importantly, for which He landed in Shirdi was spiritual upliftment of humans who were busy satisfying their materialistic desires. In this race, appeasement of soul was nearly absent but Shirdi Sai Baba served His devotees with spiritually balanced appetite that satisfied hunger. But now what, when Sai Baba blesses and cares for His devotees in spirit, and not through words. Indeed we are unfortunate :(

‘Satsang’ or say spiritual discussions appease soul. In this Kaliyuga, taking name of the Lord is best Sadhana. It is said to be a way to self-realization. But how can one get answers to the doubts & questions arising in devotion.

The creation of this blog is the answer. As devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba, many questions arise in our mind but they remain unanswered. Such questions will be posted on this forum. You are requested to visit this blog & take part in spiritual discussion by sharing your comments.

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Complete Surrender

 We pesture Baba to change things and situations as per our wish. Why can’t we request and pray Him to change us according to time and situation? Does this nature surrenderence?



    1. Complete surrender means allowing Sri Shirdi Sai Baba to take over us in body, mind and spirit. That means, He takes over the situations we are in also. This calls for either remaining in complete silence meditating on His form or incessantly chanting His name with devotion, and never to be perturbed by the events, remaining in full faith that He would take over us and the situation that we are in. He would do so without doubt.

    2. Shankar, excellent description! In other words, we become witnesses to what is happening to oneself and literally extract our selves from the ills of the situation. Only when the mind and body are made quiet, we can see with clarity the situation going on and allow the "Antaratma" Baba to communicate with us clearly.

    3. Baba has always been with us yet lately we feel lost unable to understand the circumstances, must be our karma but baba please help us correct our doings for there is no greater strength than you and no greater GOD. Help us surrender to your feet completely. Help us! We thank you for all you have given us and trust you to lead us to the path of future, Om Sai Ram🙏🏾

    4. Baba has been kind to everyone. I have been trying to seek blessing via dharsan, guidance and it has not worked out for me. I pray, chant baba's name but feel that it is not reaching his ears.

      Baba i beg you please guide me help me as I feel hopless without your indications of me being heard. What more should i do. I feel depressed. Please baba bless me before it takes me far to depression

  2. Om Shri Dwarakamayi !!!


    Surrender means silence, indepth complete silence- one who has surrendered, does not question anything, as such person realizes that life is happening as per MIGHTY WILL.

    So such person does not even pray for anything-Not even to change ONESELF according to time & situation. Time & situation looses relevance for such person.

    The best way is out to praying to BABA- Babaji please make us surrender at your mighty will, Once such surrender happens, everything else will disappear. No stress, No ambiguity, No rat race- Just calmness, serenity, watchful silence.

    Now if we look at- Do we have much control on our lives?

    A person who have got the grace of SAI & surrender happened ( Surrender can happen only by HIS GRACE), such person is living like swimming in the direction of flowing water current. Blissful, Sat-Chit-Ananad.

    People like us who are still striving for HIS Grace- we live like swimming opposite the direction of flow of water- tired, out of breath. We know complaining wont change things, but we still complain.

    Karma is very strong- Ever thought who was this mighty person who was the reason for Krishna's death, the person who shot Krishna with an arrow thinking of a deer?

    This was Bali to whom Shri Ram (last incranation of Divine) shot in disguise. Now if Krishna, the avatar had to pay off karma, who we are to oppose our OWN DOING?

    Let us pray together to SAI, Please make us surrender at your lotus feet, if we contnously pray we will strong enough to bear our own karmic actions. SAI grace can also lessen the severity of karmas.

    Love you all, Love to SAI

    1. dear sai devotee... baba will bless u infinitely... through ur reply baba has solved many of the doubts i had.

    2. Dear Sai Devotee, after reading your post I thought and realized how true is your statement. You have cleared my mind and I hope Sai will bless me by which I can surrender myself to him and let my life flow for him and let my karma take it's own action. Thank you for opening our minds.

    3. Dear Sai Devotee, such a wonderful expression. Through you, Baba has set my heart at peace. May Sai bless you

    4. Very insightful! The dropping of the "I" feeling (with its tightly linked likes, dislikes, demands, feelings of superiority over others, feelings of pride of God-given abilities/talents) is a key step towards surrender to the divine. Sai tested the above with His devotees for their pride and egotism levels before accepting/blessing them.

  4. Baba has planned everything for us so well that we just need to have faith in him, rest he will take care. He knows which strings to connect and at what time, so its just the Shraddha and Saburi that protects us all the time. Thank you Baba for being there with us.

    1. I want to get detached from the bondage of attachments . I am praying only for that . Hope Baba will help in attaining this state of complete detachment. I do surrender everything to him I don't want any materialistic things in this life . He has kept me comfortable , that is more than enough .
      Om Sai Nath .

  5. OM SAI RAM. Thanks for such a beautiful explanation of Complete Surrender which is utmost difficult for ignorant beings like most of us. Baba, please increase my devotion towards You and set me in the path that leads to COMPLETE SURRENDER to You. May I pass in the test of Shraddha Saburi all though mylife.

  6. om sai ram! bless me to have the ability to surrender completely and thank you for everything I have truely experienced the story of footprints in the sand!

  7. Dear Saibaba Friends,
    Practice silence, become aware of the breath, talk only when necessary - these were Baba's advise to me when I prayed for solutions to getting detachment from web of the world. Hope it helps all.

  8. Om Sainathaya namaha. Several wonderful Sai literature available on www.saileelas.org. e.g., A collection of main sayings of Baba titled "The legend of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba and His Teachings", GVR Naidu, Secunderabad, A.P.) Thanks to that site and whoever pointed to it in one of their comments here.

  9. Another wonderful literature for truth seekers from the mouth of Sai Baba to a yogi (1950's - after Baba's samadhi!)
    title: "Sai Baba's message to yogi M. k. spencer"
    link: http://www.saileelas.org/sai/numo/modules/listing service/uploads/u8.1363672293.hifg.htm
    (can also search in search box there for this title at this site)
    Hope readers benefit.

  10. Dear SAI devotees, I have recently started a blog on the experiences with the Lord. The same can be reached at www. chsairutvik.blogspot.in Request all to read the blog and give your valuable suggestions and feedback.

  11. People generally indulge in social initiatives with a hidden agenda. Swami, in his subtle form, continues to drive his devotees to strive hard for the elevation of needy people.

    madhusudan naidu muddenahalli


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