Faith-Patience-Self Realisation

Faith and Patience are Guru Mantras uttered by Baba for His devotees. We, His devotees ask Him to fulfill our wishes with Utmost Faith (though its intensity is different in all situations). But when our wishes are not fulfilled ‘SOON’ we start pestering Him to make haste and show the result. So where our Patience stand ?

Is our Faith deep penetrated? Will we be able to achive our Ultimate Goal of Self Realization in this scenario?


  1. Faith comes in with the past experiences which baba has given, listening from other's experiences as in we do in this site daily and Patience depends on the individual's mentality and the surroundings I mean If we compare it is happening to others why not me, there will not be any control on our patience. Self realization comes into picture when we try to understand the reason behind our birth with the help of baba and once we are reasonably satisfied in our present life. This is all based on my experience, please forgive me if there are any mistakes. Om Sairam!!!!

  2. Om Sai Ram...thank you for raising a very pertinent and relevant question for the modern devotees of Sri Sainath. These are some of my thoughts on this subject.

    In SSSC, we repeatedly come across the two most important commandments of our Lord--Shraddha and Saburi. These are the fundamentals of Sai teachings --even inscribed in all Sai Temples.

    However, when a lot of devotees, just because of His 11 Assurances, begin to treat him like a Santa Claus who will perennially keep fulfilling the never-ending desires, then we have to remind ourselves the very purpose of the Incarnation; namely to uplift people from the Maya of the world and bring them to so live this life that we reduce our Karmic burden and speed up our journey to God, which alone is the goal and reason for human life. Many times, people try to relate to Him as parents etc and NOT as Sadguru. In my opinion, whatever else He may be or not, only when we regard Him as Sadguru will our spiritual progress happen othewise, we tend to drag Him down to the level of worldly parents and have corresponding expectations.

    Here, an attitude of Surrender is of utmost value. When we surrender ourselves, and the direction of our life in the Hands of Sai, then He will unfailingly take care of our worldly and spiritual needs. It is not enough to verbally utter i surrender and next moment demand that He do only a certain thing and that too in the time period specified. We need to have unshakable true Faith like some of Baba's legendary devotees eg. Kaka Dixit and then Patience/Perseverance will follow.

    By doing this, and getting angry with Him for not going according to our wishes, we reduce Him to be like a contractor, supplier or a person assigned a task...and that is a grave mistake.


    1. Very Nice Narratioon. Baba Bless you

    2. Well said.. most of us say we have surrendered every thin to u baba but internally we will be wanting that very thing to happen.. its realy difficult to surrender without faith, if faith is unshakable then surrender also happens automatically

      Om Sai Ram
      Baba Maalik

    3. Seriously, now I am realizing how I am treating Him. But when we are very much caught in this worldy activities, we can't even stop seeking things to Him. But, as described, the surrendering factor is all that is needed to Him!

    4. Dear Sir
      Since childhood I was very close to baba..since 5,6 years I went away from sai...unknowingly.
      Sai I need u now...dnt b angry on ur child.please save me .help me baba.i need u please..

    Hope everybody is well.
    Everybody in this world (Not even Humans, but all the creatures), have common goal that is Self-realization & union with God. Everybody is on the same journey, but at different stages of the journey. So we do not have right to say that we are superior to anybody else, everybody is going through all these stages.
    So when we come to the stage of Devotees, there are three broad categories-
    1. One who are much into worldly lives and constantly nagging Baba with new demands everyday (Most of us fall in this category).
    2. Second are the ones whose only aim is Self-realization, they are beyond worldly circumstances, but they still nag God with question when they will attain self-realization. (Even they are not at peace, as they also looking for an end result)
    3. Third are the ones, who are just beyond worldly circumstances, but even they do not nag for self-realization, they do not have any desire (Even having a desire of self-realization makes us the ones who do not have patience & faith, doesn’t it?). So this is the class who do Have UTMOST Faith & Patience, who know that Baba is always with them, where is the need for asking anything?

    So definition of faith and patience changes as per our stage. For first category, we might have faith (Sharda), but No trust. If we Trust GOD who always lives with us, will we ever ask that I need this or that? Won’t be thinking that HE lives with me, HE will take care of all my needs, where is the need for asking. If there is no Trust, there is no question of patience.
    When we move to second stage, our desires change, but still there is demand, which make us restless.
    It is third stage, where we are happy in whatever HE does. Here we don’t have Faith on GOD, but confidence that we will merge in HIM one day- we don’t have any other choice, do we? These are the people, who have found God inside themselves, their urge to wander from place to place also vanish. These are the ones who actually SURRENDED at his feet.
    Do not worry devotees, we will be uplifted to next stages, we will also move to a stage where we don’t have more desires.
    So if we are still at stage 1, instead of asking for worldly things, let us ask for HIS grace. Let us get ready to receive what Baba wants to give us.

    Loads Love.

  4. Very well said!

    Om Sai Ram

  5. I have rediscovered my beloved Baba and truly acknowledge all the comments. Our beloved Baba is our loving Mother , Father the Guru and Deity. Ask all you want of HIM and all you can of HIM but remember sometime the answer to a request could be an overwhelming no. For which mother would give her child a candy every time the child asked for it. Most often one does not know what one needs and mere wants torment us.The unfettered prayers and incessant asking Baba for miracles slowly fades away and there will be moments when you realize you are praying and there is nothing to be sought!

  6. Shri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai !!. Absolutely it goes without any hesitation that Faith & Patience are the 2 pices which Baba wants from all his Devotees. However there comes in a question where does one a draw a line somewhere in regards to both. For eg - You wait & wait patiently for your desire to be complete, however how would you know Baba has something else in store for you. Sometimes Faith is shaken because of adverse circumstances which makes you believe that maybe Baba does not want your desire to be fulfilled for reasons best known to him. Baba is the controller/ wire puller, so do we just move on with new phases of life rather than waiting for your desire to be fulfilled. Desires in terms of relation ships are the most confusing since we are never too sure of any decision taken might lead to negativity. Guess just Surrender to the Lord is absolute necessary & let him row your life boat in which ever direction he wants. May Baba bless us all.

  7. Very true,Along with Faith and pateince absolute surrender to Sai is required then no matter what is your desire is!
    At times it gets tough even with me i had a desire related to relationship but sai has some other big and great plans for me and now i am totally at the Sai's ,mercy.
    Sai will bless all

  8. Sri Sai Baba wants us to over come the pull of Maya, the delusions of the physical and mental planes and get ABOVE and OVER them. The only attachment should be to the supreme which is the Guru, who will lead one to the Supreme. The simple technique is to chant His name and fix the mind on His form irrespective of the conditions in life. As far as the desires are concerned, see the free video or read the transcript: Shed your Worries, I will Look after Everything- Shirdi Baba: Videos and Teachings in Five Parts:

  9. Shradha-Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.Saburi-Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

  10. The modern world has been designed like a spinning-wheel with people, objects moving round and round to satisfy their ever-increasing needs during time on earth. The human ego has also become faster and more demanding with every day. The global world scenario is such that there is theoretically more power at the hands of all than before but ironically humankind is enslaved more than ever before - mentally. Despite super-modern technologies, the world is highly complicated than anytime in history. So it is no wonder Sai (and devotees of God in general) get frustrated on lack of quicker response from Sai.
    My personal experience is to do a stock-taking of possessions, external commitments, time-stealers, money-stealers and review these - with Sai now as THE goal, see if Sai fits in with all these. You will find many will not fit-in with Sai. Next is to curb the nature of going after "free". Nothing really is free in this planet. Mother earth is suffering because of human exploitation. Remember everyday how Sai lived and how crores of people still live in pathetic conditions. Make life simplified as much as possible. Then, everyday will become Sai's blessing. All the best.

  11. Very useful discussion about the essentials of Sai worship! Blessings to all from Sai will surely result for sincere aspirants.


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