Sincere Prayers

Sometimes it really takes effort to withstand our faith in Baba, the more we try- the more we fall.

In end, we start thinking that Baba is not helping, but cannot sincere prayers make us connected again?


  1. you are right that sometimes we prayed so hard but baba does not answer and our faith got shaken. but what can we humans do when everything is pre decided and baba is the supreme authority. to install that same faith becomes difficult when situation becomes irreversible. when in same situation baba has helped others but not us.we have to submit to his will thats it.

  2. By just going to Baba-ji temple ,listening Baba-ji songs and reading the holy book of Baba ,had save me from destruction and depression due to my marital problem.Therefore,whatever comes I'm fully prepared physically ,mentally and emotionally.Due credit to Baba-ji,you're my savior and my everything.Thank you ,Baba-ji for saving me.


    Dear Pralhad Ji

    I am answering it from spiritual point of view, I might not be right from the point of view of people whose main purpose to worship Babaji is the attain material things.

    To attain to Babaji’s Dham, I suppose there are few basic ingredients:

    PAST GOOD KARMA: In numerous of our scriptures, it has been mentioned that without having good karma in our account One cannot get the company of Sadhu & saints. When we get an account of good karma, God send sadhus to us, so that those prabhu- pyare can help us to attain GOD.

    So everybody who is in SAI fold be sure we all must have good karma to have Babaji as our guide. Have you ever thought why Krishna was Arjuna’s charioteer? Arjuna spent many past lives with Krishna, when both of them used to Sadhana.

    GRACE OF BABA: It is Baba’s SUPREME WILL, if he wants somebody to TRUST HIM, HE will make all the arrangements.

    So it is not MY WILL, if I WANT to have FAITH in Baba, its BABA’s WISH, if HE wants me to have FAITH IN HIM, HE will provide all the right ingredients.

    Can I say I have FAITH & Sharda in BABA due to my actions? NO, Baba made all the arrangements- by being with me always, HE shown me so many miracles that I have no choice but to Believe the SUPREME POWER.
    We can be worthy of Baba’s Grace by doing good Karma, by praying to HIM continuously & selflessly.

    SURRENDER: If I still do not feel Baba’s presence sometimes even If I am chanting HIS name, leave it to BABA. ( I am sure such situation wont arise, if we chant HIS name selflessly)

    SURRENDER means complete rest at BABA’s Feet. Good or bad, it’s HIS WILL.

    Baba Says, “I keep on giving you whatever you ask, until you ask me to give whatever I want to give you”.

    For experiment, Just take Baba’s blessings from any questions answer website one day without having something in mind, ask HIM to give whatever HE wants to give. You will be amazed at Baba’s response.
    If we become habitual of being in Complete Surrender ever, we will always be dancing in ecstasy.

    1. i loved every bit of it. it is like reading my own thoughts. but yes i did not have the knowledge about MAHATMA BUDDHA OR OSHO much but i loved the way you put it. and i wish that we all fall for SAI MAA'S love


    2. So beautiful Anonymous.,, I am in a critical stage of my life, all through this because off baba i am able to stand ..through you babaji opend my eyes ..thank u so much

    3. thanks for the advice , i asked him to give whatever he wants and he generously got ready to forgive me for my mistakes. love you sai baba , please keep showing me the right path to walk on , om sai ram

  4. Continue:

    EFFORTS IN SPIRTUALITY: They say, “It needs efforts for realisation of GOD, but nobody has attained HIM with Efforts.”

    Quite contradictory statement I suppose.

    All we need is disciplined efforts & sadhna to walk on the path of GOD Realisation. Sadhna cannot be done without a discipline, we have to get up early in the morning, for that sleep at right time, eat at right time and then have to do japa and be in remembrance of GOD ever.

    But can we attain GOD with Disciplined sadhna? NO.

    If we look at history Mahatma Buddha did all the sadhnas and efforts to attain GOD whatever was available at that time, but did not attain GOD. He went to all SIDH-Purkha those were present in world at that time, all of them that Buddha was so perfect at everything, nothing is left which can be taught to him. Finally he thought there is NO SUCH THING as GOD, and He wasted all his time. He stopped all the efforts, along with this his sense of “I am doing effort to attain GOD” vanished, He became free from Sense of “Iness” and that was the moment when he attained GOD. Same thing happened to Osho as well.

    Baba Farid did tapas for very long time, but such Tapas gave him ridhi-sidhi & ego, But NO GOD. Baba Farid ji did efforts all His Life & attained God at the age of 96, only when He was free from his attitude of “I DO”.

    Bhagat Dhanna ji became egoistic when He realised GOD within 2-3 days, he was thinking it was so easy to attain God. God thought to teach him a lesson and showed Dhannaji a lesson by showing all His previous lives when he did lot of sadhna by standing on one leg, by remaining hungry for years in all His lives. But in the life when Dhannaji realised GOD, it was effort of just 2-3 days, but his efforts in previous birth keep on adding.

    So if I say I can realise God with “My efforts”, NO, I need God’s Grace for this.

    If God is not realised by EFFORTS, then why do the Efforts?

    We have to do the efforts to realise the FUTILITY of Efforts, I am not saying KNOW the Futility of Efforts, But REALISE THE FUTILITY.
    Realisation can be done only when we do something.

    SO let’s DO efforts to attain HIM, surrender everything at HIS feet and wait when HE finds we are worthy of HIS GRACE.

    Such Efforts can be “Watchful Silence” or A “Silent Prayer” or “Impersonal Presence” at HIS feet.

    Any prayer which we do with an intention to get close to BABA, will never go Futile. We take one step towards HIM and He takes 1000 steps towards us.

    Baba Ji, please bless us all Ignorant beings, Please Be with us, Please make us worthy of your grace.


  5. Hi,

    I don't know your name but it is really excellent. As you mentioned, we can reach Baba only by HIS Grace.


  6. Excellent written........
    Only sai sai sai..........

  7. We take one step towards HIM and He takes 1000 steps towards us.
    what an excellent statement.
    Every prayer makes us feel closer to Him............
    Jai deva

  8. Might be that's why Baba has already given his answers to all our questions,the two words that some or the other way answers all your questions. They are FAITH and PATIENCE.

  9. Very well written.. this boosted my fading faith.. May Baba bless u

    Om Sai Ram

    Dear friends just look at him, as if saying " what do you want beta, and what is the worry about when iam there with you". With a face of a mother he is the ultimate supreme LORD. There is a saying that "BHAGWAN KO KYA CHAIYE, WO TO BAS PYAR KA BHOOKA HAI". (WHAT DOES GOD WANT HE IS JUST HUNGRY FOR LOVE) and that's all what he wants.

    For once close your eyes and forget about everything else and just see him with loving eyes. just make him know that you believe in him and you love him completely
    you will see and feel the peace on his face and within yourself.the peace that one cannot find anywhere.

    we are just ever demanding, and he is ever giving.for just once be GIVING (love)and then you will know that what was missing and you will realize the supreme bliss.
    my words are not mine, when i began to write this i had written so much but it got deleted, THEN I ASKED HIM YOU DELETED WHAT I HAD WRITTEN, NOW YOU WRITE IT. and i dont know iam just writing and writing.

    Iam sandhya here and i have also shared my experience on hetal ji's site which you all will be seeing soon. and iam mentioning it here because the miracle happened with me will bring a lot of hope for everyone the way we all do for each other we all bring hope to each other that we are not alone and it will be for my friends who think that it is jsut a coincidence that we mistake it with a miracle and for my friends who believe already believe in SAI MAA will take one more dip in his leela's and will feel more strengthened .and i feel so blessed that it happened because now there is no looking back or doubt that will ever cross my mind.

    SO DEAR ALL pray , pray for love and the religion of love.
    sincere love in our prayers will never be turned away.....
    love you all and bless all SAI MA.


  11. Beautifully expressed !!! all i can say is just OM SAI RAM !!!!

  12. om sai ram! B with us always

  13. A Prayer for Accepting Whatever is Happening to us and for Healing
    I Thank the Universe for everything for food, clothing, a roof over my head that crores still dont have
    I Thank the Loving Sai there always for guidance and help every time troubles come my way
    I Thank Sai Maatha for giving me the patience to bear suffering in silence

  14. May seem off-track to some, but when things seem difficult to handle, and if looks as though
    Baba does not seem to give any help (to our limited mind, that is), a few things to do:
    1. Practice breathing awareness (even a little works wonders)
    2. Clear unwanted belongings for charity/servants/scrapdealer
    3. Have a small clean place (other than regular puja room) for Baba and other istha-devata for silent prayer to them - a personal Shirdi/Kailash at home. Spend personal time with Baba there.
    4. Realize that everyday life is getting faster, both in speed and in people judging us more and more quick than before. Thus, choose relationships with care, do not over commit or make promises that can not be delivered. In other words, leave enough room for God Baba to act.

  15. The speed with which Baba(God) answers prayers depends on:
    (a) our prarabha karma - 2 personal bags of sins, merits we carry all the time
    (b) karma of our siblings and parents to some extent that we must bear
    (c) the karma of the age circumstances we live in (which is now full of sufferings everywhere with many calling with unbelievable, hidden pains)

    My humble view: Baba decides on all the above factors for a devotee, measures devotee's inner strength, gives signals to overcome the immediate pressing pains, later follows up on His next call with more permanent solutions for problems provided we continue sincere prayers to Him in some form or other.

  16. Dear Hetalji,
    Namaskar. Om Sainathaya Namaha.
    Following are frequently pondered questions on devotion inside minds of many devotees
    (from real life devotees known and through forums) that would be useful to all Sai devotees around the world. Some sample answers are provided drawn from Sai Sathcharitra incidents. Please publish on the Sai Spiritual Forum under a suitable topic or separately as suitable. Thanks a lot and keep up Sai's service through His Grace!

    K. Bharath kumar (Aged 41+)

    1. How to keep faith in Saibaba alive when life seems dark, demons (in the form of issues) keep pouncing on us from all sides?
    2. Do we leave the worship of Sai when Ishta devata/Kula Devatha demands more attention?
    Will I not be making one of these Gods angry?
    3. I went recently to Shirdi. When will Sai fulfill my desires? It is still not happening!
    4. I am doing so many charity donations, Annadhaan, poojas to Sai baba and other Gods
    but not getting suitable job, my relationship problems are not getting solved? What am I doing wrong?
    5. Is it right to use decision cards (with "yes", "no" written inside them, taking whichever result comes on choosing one) as the decision recommended by Sai? (For complex problems, people laugh when we use this method say 'use the brain instead of such blind faith!')
    6. How do I get detached from worldly desires sufficiently enough to progress spiritually being entangled in today's materialistic world with its never-ending list of commitments?

  17. Answers to above questions (For clarity and hope only)
    1. Focus on your Breath - our original friend, last friend and constant companion throughout the life's journey is our vital breath. This is Sai in air form coming along with us all the time even when the circumstances seem unbearable and problems come from all sides one after the other. Remind yourself that Sai lived for 12 long years on just neem leaves taking complete care of His guru with no expectation of return from him except advice from him. Similarly, let us keep our faith on Sai alive at all times and expect only His advice as to what to do next. Also read the biography of Akkalkot Maharaj when feeling down! It will help appreciate Sai Baba more when you seek refuge next time in Sai.

  18. 2. This is a common question in our country following so many different deities. Remind ourselves in that situation that Sai is "Omkara Swarupa" - he is the manifestation of the formless all-powerful force called Brahman/Godhead/Universal Spirit from which came all these gods with names and forms. During His lifetime, He strongly advised devotees to stick to their ancient methods and deities of worship as much as possible and come to Him when these do not respond to their worship and calls. Similarly, these days with temptations all around, it is better to have a God's name at all times - whether Sai baba, one's kula (family) devatha or Ishta (favorite) god is not that much crucial but if we surrender our sense of "I", "mine" and ownership/doership when we do any/all these worships, solutions will emerge soon!

    3. Look inside yourself and around your life more closely. See the linkages closely. A Shirdi visit will have done immeasurable good internally calming you down by your presence there at that time. Also, if you had been elsewhere during that time, there would have been negative consequences. These days we are not able to see this direct linkage of events that much. In Saibaba's time, devotees realized this by actual incidents. A court case went in Sai devotee's favor simply by following Sai Baba's orders asking the devotee to be in Shirdi for a certain number of days even though that devotee's presence was required on court. Also, remind yourself of the music party story that came from South India to Shirdi with a devoted lady in the group, her husband who was more interested in making money than developing faith or love for Sai. Sai blessed the selfless woman well and corrected the expectations of the husband also.

  19. 4. Our balance sheet of accumulated sins and merits (called "Prarabdha" (Karmic Debt)) until now determines our current situation and the suffering we are undergoing now. The results of all our worship and charity is bearing fruit in an invisible manner all the time - they will manifest as desire fulfillment only later. Have faith in this cosmic justice and calculations. Remind ourselves of the stories when Sai showed devotees why they

    suffered or why their dear one expired. To all these Sai showed them that He cannot change the Prarabdha too much unless the devotee shows extreme faith and other selflessness through various ways. In other words, accept whatever happened as good and was the best god could do in the circumstances.

    5. If you have faith that Sai is everywhere - on you, on the decision cards, and as the blowing wind around, then the decision that comes from the card will also be Sai's decision effectively. We tend to forget that the rational, scientific, analytical way of thinking, that criticised above faith method, is also a gift from Sai. Damu Anna's incident will tell us that Sai was able to predict risks in businesses before they happened. (Damu Anna, a merchant wanted Baba's approval to invest in several risky businesses all of which failed. Sai saved him from heavy losses by predicting these losses beforehand itself. These days, similar predictions are handled by super-computers and advanced modeling programs! So have faith that Sai knew and knows everything!)

    6. Keep remembering Sai's advice to one of His dearest devotees who asked the same question. Sai baba told him that he (devotee) will be really blessed and on the right path only when he renounces all desires, material possessions finally, follows Sai's way with just a simple bag on his person! Realize that more possessions may not bring more happiness or peace. While we may not be able to follow Sai's instructions to that level in one birth, we must ensure that we keep that as the final goal and not accumulate needless possessions due to pressure or impulsive pleasure.

  20. Om Sai ram
    Thank you Sai ji, we loved your article. It touched our heart. Baba bless you and all of us.
    Jai Sai ram

  21. om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram

  22. Thoughts on Worshipping Shirdi Sai Baba Today (1 of 2)

    Sai Baba's Shirdi is a thriving pilgrimage today with tens of thousands visiting His samadhi mandir daily. Many fulfil their vows here and end their fasts that they had been observing at their homes here. However, the key to worshipping Sai Baba is He was not that interested in the items we bring Him, our money offerings, or the religious rituals we offer Him as He is more interested in your sincere surrender to Him and intensity of your love towards Him.

    Even during His lifetime in the flesh about a hundred years back, He took money offerings only from selected devotees for amounts astonishingly correct to the paise to fulfil their vows made earlier. He redistributed all amounts of money back to deserving people then and there. He also turned back caravan-load of jewels and gold that a princess offered Him. Nor did He wear costly dress items that wealthy people showered on Him. He considered money and attachment to it as a serious obstacle to spiritual progress.

    As our Samarth Sadguru, Sai expects us to remove untruth from our personalities, become moderate in our materialistic goals of life and always keeping God realisation as our real life-goal. As He told KakaSaheb Dixit when he asked Baba if he was on the right track, Baba replied that He will consider Kaka as being on the right track only when he sheds all materials possessions down to two shoulder bags and becomes a sanyasin like Him in the end. While what He said above to Kaka Saheb Dixit may not be at all possible for householders especially today, Sai Baba certainly would expect us to maintain a householder's life devoid of attachments to those possessions that we accumulate or maintain.

    He would expect us to curb our outgoing senses always so that we do not succumb to worldly desires or the ever-increasing temptations easily. Only then, we can work out our "praarabdha karma" - our balance-sheet of sins and merits ("paap" and "punya" respectively) which resulted in this human birth. As He advised Nana Saheb Chandorkar once, we should let the five senses do their allotted duties but be always alert so that we do not become enslaved by the objects that these senses seek and recognize that these are all God's creations and should remain unattached to them.

    Complete Trust in God ("Shraddha' or faith that Baba advised) is diminishing today in the fast-track world with professional organizations everywhere gifting customers and general public whatever they wish. All previously whatever Baba or God fulfilled, such as a promotion, a job, etc. are satisfied through networks and modern mechanisms today. Moreover, pressured devotees expect Him to fulfill their materialistic wishes at the speed of emails/couriers resulting in reduction of "Saburi" (patience) advised by Baba.

  23. Thoughts on Worshipping Shirdi Sai Baba Today (2 of 2)
    Unless we thank Sai Baba (or God) for whatever good results we get by whichever means it come to us, a feeling of divergence and dualism is bound to increase between the "real world" and "Baba's world" , so to speak. As Baba advised Mrs. Tarkhad, one of His sincere and favorite devotees, "Always feed the hungry before you eat and remember to offer Me anything before you eat" advising all of us of the fact that we owe our daily bread to God no matter how wealthy or successful we are or even if food had become so easy to get anywhere these days. He often commented that more people came to Him just for all these mundane materialistic items but very few for true spiritual progress that He really wanted to assist with.

    Surrendering to Baba works better if besides prayer alone, we also make constant efforts to reduce complexities in our life, maintain well the relationships that matter most, constantly sift/discriminate between the real and unreal, keep charity alive in our hearts so that when the right occassions come, we give without any resistance from inside us, and keeping aside time for doing spiritual reading, prayer, meditation - things that matter in our God-ward journey of life.

    Sai Baba performed superhuman miracles during His time and even today as being witnessed by thousands of believers around the globe. We need to sincerely believe that a small essence of infinite presence of Sai Baba is there within each of our bodies. This spark of Baba - when it cries out like a child to its mother - will be heard by Baba or through our favorite God (the specific God's name at this point does not really matter). An example of this was in Baba's lifetime was when Nana Saheb Chandorkar desperately cried for water while walking in a lonely forest area to Baba who was miles away in Shirdi. Baba (sitting in Shirdi) arranged for water through a forest-dweller who showed water beneath a rock!

    Realizing this fact will take us to the essence of Vedanta Advaita that Sai Baba, our Samarth Sadguru is with us in every heart, in all creatures, all the time - as Vedanta Advaita tells. We should not allot or partition Him only for an hour's visit in Sai temples alone! He is there as witness to all our actions - the good and the bad. Unless we accept that, our worldly life develops a "shadow" which will contain memories and "footprints" accumulated during the course of our daily life that we may "hide" from Sai when we "visit" Him. This "shadow" soon develops a life of its own that hinders our true spiritual progress by darkening the god-given spark of our inner soul that every soul is given. The more we hold Baba physically and mentally in our heart and mind everywhere we go, the more we can feel Him guiding our every action throughout life! (we can try imagining Baba residing in our heart area).

    We must also remember that there is a world beyond the physically observable world that Sai Baba travelled to during His lifetime and still does. This "beyond-world" (other-world) continues to exist - no matter whatever change modern technology will bring out in future. So, Sai does not become "obsolete" or outdated EVER, even if every passing day brings previously unimaginable gadgets, conveniences or machines globally. Worshipping Sai Baba is essentially equivalent to acknowledging and nurturing the God within ourselves - by moving away from the word of gross fleshy matter to the subtle world of spirit. All other chants, rituals, praying arrangements, etc., are next in importance to this essential truth.

    Bharathkumar K


    (Ph: 9884642562)

  24. BABA PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME I am getting desperated , I LOVE BABA But it becomes difficult for me to keep the FAITH HOPE AND PATIENCE BABA said , once we come to Shirdi all our sufferings shall end i don't know why i still suffer and have so many problems , health and others i asked FORGIVENESS AND FELT BABA FORGAVE so what is going on ? why i feel like prayers are not answered ?

  25. Baba u r my father , mother everything.. I can share all my feelings with you.. Be with us always baba.. Luv u baba..

  26. Hello Baba,

    You know everthing Baba. I love one guy ..he also loved me a lot but due to his financial conditions he said 'No' to me.
    We both fought against our families for our marriage and love. I tried to convince him but no luck.

    My parents are old, they want me to get married soon. But I still love this guy. This guy has ended the topic because he want me to get settled with good person.

    We unitly performed your aarti Baba, If you sincerely feel Baba, that our Love was pure, your Aarti was pure,
    I offered Bilva,flowers to this guy as if he is my god, if you think that emotion was pure and if you think baba that the pain/tears in our eyes while seperation were very deep then..pls pls pls do some miracle Baba..

    I expect some miracle to happen Baba, I have come to your doorstep as a last hope Baba.
    Please save our pure love Baba.

    I dont expect any sorry or appologies from this guy, Only He should just come to me and talk for our marriage Baba.

    I strongly feel that , I should give love to his mother who has suffered a lot in her life. His and my parents should be happy

    I dont have any issues with his financial conditions Baba, only he should give priority to pure LOVE BABA.

    I beg to you Baba, Let our LOVE Should get saved and we should get married to each other in this year.

    I want that we both should come to your Shirdi Temple for dashan after marriage and we should daily get a chance to perform your Aarti unitly as a husband wife.

    Help me Baba, pls do some miracle.

    Baba's Children....


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